Monday, July 19, 2010

A Guide to Summer Fun & Fabulosity on an AmeriCorps Budget

by Robert Taylor, Literacy AmeriCorps
Friday, 12 June 2009 08:27 (but worth reposting!)

Don’t buy those books on your summer reading list! Support your local libraries. If you read books quickly as I do, go to Borders or Barnes & Noble find a quiet spot and enjoy a book by your favorite author!

Clubbing is important!!! It’s your time to party with your closest social circle, but it can be expensive. SAVE THAT MONEY BY SAVING THOSE WRISTBANDS! Saving wristbands can save you the cost of those expensive cover charges most clubs tend to throw at you. You are fabulous but broke so stretch your money to the limits!

After a busy week of service, you deserve a cocktail or two or even ten! Put on your best threads and take on the town! You are destined to find someone who will buy you drinks all night as long as you show them a little attention. So just flash a fake smile and work the room. IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT IT!!! (Just not on AmeriCorps time!)

It is summer time and it is HOT!!! Find a style that can save you money! A summer cut usually does the trick. Try styling your hair at home. Find a great styling product and experiment. The goal here is to save money. Besides, your stylist may offer you a discount to get you back in the salon!

Before you shop, do an inventory of what you already have in your closet!
Organize your closet by color, type of clothing item, and what you wear most often. How many times do you buy the same style of clothing, same color, and even the same item? Doing so will save you some money. When you have too much of the same thing in your closet, you not only limit the variety in your personal style, but also find yourself having price tags on many of those items. Take what you haven’t worn in over a year and go to a clothing exchange or better yet donate it to a charitable organization and write it off on your taxes!

Host spa parties! Invite your girlfriends over and have some fun. Everyone must bring their favorite color polish, moisturizer, and other spa essentials. You can have your own spa day or night. Don’t forget the wine and of course the FUN!

Make your day at the movies a weekday!
The price of a movie ticket has skyrocketed. The price for an adult ticket Mon-Thur is $4.75 all day at any AMC Theater. Another great addition to a lower ticket price is a more intimate movie experience. The theater is not as crowded as it is on the weekend, so you have the feeling of being in your very own living room. So let’s make it a unity event and enjoy some great summer blockbusters! Don’t forget to sign up for a FREE movie watcher card for more GREAT SAVINGS!!!

Birds of a feather flock together!!!
Get with your close friends and put those similar tastes in music to work. Take turns buying the latest greatest summer CDs. You can always burn them a copy or to save money on blank CDs, they can load it to their FREE i-tunes account. If you have to have the CD in your collection, just wait a few weeks and the price will definitely decrease!!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Be sure to check out the NPRC Blog and see how the AmeriCorps members working at the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross are "Getting Things Done!"

Another Reason to Love New Orleans

by Kevin Planchet, Literacy AmeriCorps New Orleans
Saturday, 17 July 2010 10:02

Isn’t it just like New Orleanians to do it our way. We can’t wait around for Mother Nature to send us snow, so we make our own, but with a twist. The warm weather wouldn’t be the same without the local delicacy called the snoball. And that’s ‘sno’ without the ‘w’, another characteristic which makes us unique. Other states certainly enjoy their shaved ice or snow cones, but it was New Orleans where the first machine was invented to give us the soft ice we enjoy now.

The first frozen treats date back to the Roman Empire, but up until the early twentieth century, the ice was shaved by hand, or chipped. In 1934 Ernest Hansen of New Orleans gave us the Hansen Ice Shaving Machine. Though there have been many imitations, the Hansen machine is still the standard for the industry, and for good reason; it’s the best!

Snoball flavors have grown beyond strawberry and grape to include wedding cake, peach and rainbow. If these flavors alone aren’t sweet enough, trying pouring condensed milk over the top. It’s enough to put you into diabetic shock! (If you are a diabetic, you can get them sugar free.) A favorite of the juice box set is the addition of gummi bears to their snoball, with flavors which follow their best loved television characters, like Hannah Montana and Dora the Explorer.

If for some incredible reason you’ve managed to get through your AmeriCorps year without standing in line in the heat for our favorite cold delicacy, there are several stands just waiting for your business. My personal favorite is Van’s Snoballs on General Meyer in Algiers, but if you like the uptown area, try Plum Street Snoballs. In Gentilly, there’s the Original New Orleans Snoball Stand on Elysian Fields near Brother Martin High School. You’re not a true New Orleanian until you have the syrup of a brightly colored snoball staining the carpet in your car.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Need a roommate? Housing Advice? Moving in or out of the city and got some things to buy or sell?

Please use this post like a discussion group to help you find everything you need to make a smooth transition in or out of the city!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


MLK Day is a Day on not off!

We want to hear your story of service. Share Them NOW!

What projects did you do to keep service as a central part of this national holiday?

Here is one story from Literacy AmeriCorps - New Orleans Member Kathy Bailey:

On Martin Luther King Day, I volunteered for 5 hours at Camp Hope in St. Bernard Parish. Camp Hope is a volunteer camp that was previously run by Habitat For Humanity and located in the former Beauregard Middle School in Violet in St. Bernard Parish. When Beauregard was decommissioned last year, they relocated to another former school located in Arabi, where they are now funded by the Parish. They just re-opened for volunteers in early January, but still had work to do. They sent out a request to all former guests/residents to come help on Martin Luther King Day. There were over 50 volunteers there -- some doing planting out in the parish and some helping with Camp Hope itself. I stayed at Camp Hope and helped clear out and clean up the entrance and moved a load of potted trees and plants. I also helped clean up inside in the large room to be used as a cafeteria and meeting place. Crystal and Doug were the people overseeing my work.